photograph by: Alex Ingle. Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Carlos Hiller is an artist born in Argentina and naturalized Costa Rican with more than 30 years of residence and citizenship in this country. His great passion for the ocean and diving led him to specialize in portraying the underwater world, but without leaving aside the Central American jungle. Through public murals and environmental education, a constant dissemination of the need to protect the oceans is carried out, both in the country and abroad. Some places as far away and remote as Cocos Island, Easter Island, Amazonas, among others.

His artistic works, medium and large format paintings, are present in private collections throughout the world, being cataloged by specialized media as a global reference in underwater art.

Carlos even paints underwater, being one of the few artists in the world who take art to such an extreme.

Occasionally he makes sculptures in iron and steel.

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