Underwater Scenes


Catalina islands, Costa Rica, painting


Isla. Acrylic and Oil on canvas. 45in by 56in. 2006

Information about Carlos Hiller`s Art

Origins: When he painted jungle landscapes, Carlos experimented with technique to recreate the cloudy and foggy atmosphere of the very humid rain forest. But then he moved to northern Costa Rica and began to practice free diving. Little by little fish schools appeared swimming through the trees of the rain forest in a surrealistic dream stage, until a diving course submerged him in the underwater world. His first paintings from this new series, where he applied what he learned during his rain forest period, left him very impressed--he had found how to catch the light and recreate the underwater atmosphere on canvas.

Study: Intrigued, he spent years in investigating and studying ancient techniques and improving his own style. Therefore Carlos Hiller doesn`t consider himself a self-taught artist, since he bases his art on the knowledge of the old masters, applying the use of correct techniques and materials that, in addition, allowed ancestral artworks to endure to the present day in good condition. In this way technique, plus new materials, advance the creative process.
And in his creations Carlos Hiller is constantly in search of beauty.
The artist must be the reference for aesthetics.
And this is the most important factor of his work—says Carlos, “I only paint when I am in my best mental state, when I am feeling complete and balanced and happy.  So this energy is captured in my paintings.  And if something goes wrong, then it is time to go to the sea and submerge myself into the underwater world.”   

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Hiller painting at his studio

3am, tired but inspired


Painting of the early years

(c)Carlos Hiller 2010