Underwater Scenes


Grouper underwater art


Mero. Oil on canvas. 45 in by 53 in. 2004

Conservation Efforts

Protection of the oceans is a priority. Art is a magnificent way to approach people and to motivate them towards a positive change. Carlos has worked in the creation of public murals and through them he promotes and educates about marine resources and the way to get involved in conservation in daily life. In addition he has discovered his ability to communicate with children through art, captivating them with stories of underwater adventures and simultaneously leaving an educational message.

Donations: Conscious of the necessity to support institutions that are carrying out exemplary work in environmental issues, Carlos has donated his work to many institutions and groups. If you wish to collaborate with Carlos Hiller’s environmental education work, send us a message and we will contact you with details of on-going projects.


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Carlos Hiller`s Stop Shark Finning mural

Donated painting to SaveOur Leatherbacks Operation

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Helping the Ocean

Children adding a colorful school of fish to Carlos’ mural

(c)Carlos Hiller 2010