Underwater Scenes


Manta ray and school of fish


Cardumen y Manta. Acrylic and Oil on canvas. 45in by 54in. 2006

Biography Part 2

He traveled through the Amazon and the Darien Jungle where he lived with different native ethnic groups and gold prospectors.
From then to 1996 he painted landscapes of the Amazon and the Central American rain forest. Delighted with the tropical environment, he decided to settle in Costa Rica.
The following years he studied various artistic techniques. Soon he discovered the power of his marine images and he began to dedicate all his energy to improve his style.
He has had exhibitions in several countries throughout the Americas and Europe in art galleries, international shows and institutions.
He has been commissioned to paint in Middle Eastern countries and create murals in Europe as well as decorating luxurious yachts and representing Costa Rica through his art in international exhibitions.
Collectors of his works range from Holland, Germany, England, United States, Canada, Oman, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand and more.
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Hiller and gold miners, Amazon   Tepui, sacred mountain in the Amazon

Hiller free diving

Hiller protesting deforestation in the Amazon

Hiller Painting


Free diving with manta ray

(c)Carlos Hiller 2010