Underwater Scenes


Painting of Cocos Island, Costa Rica


El Gran Rodeo II. Acrylic and Oil on canvas. 45in by 104in. 2009

Carlos Hiller Biography

Carlos Hiller was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, 1972. From an early age he demonstrated a special interest in studying painting, music and biology. His hometown, 300 miles distant from the sea, is located in an area of plains rivers and a complex system of islands, which was Carlos´ playground.
But the Atlas was his reference book.
During adolescence he made unusual journeys to explore his own country.
When he was 17, he and two friends built a primitive raft on which they navigated one of the longest rivers in South America, the Parana, to reach the river mouth. The painting on the raft´s sail was one of his first large paintings. For Carlos this adventure represented a journey of discovery toward the sea, revealing his character as a free spirit and his relationship with nature. 
Immediately after this trip he decided to move to the coast. 
He chose to study Marine Biology in Puerto Madryn, in Argentinean Patagonia. In the sea, in contrast to his inland beginnings, he found a frontier towards something new and undiscovered. But in his restlessness he left his studies and in an act of reaction and searching, he turned towards extreme adventure and the arts.
He practiced mountain sports and then began several long journeys all along the coast of South America.

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Hiller doing a live painting at Our World Underwater, Chicago

Raft's sail painted by Carlos

Parana River Project

Hiller in the Amazon


Adventures of the early years

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